Alce Pres

Who are we?

ALCE Pres Metal was established in Bursa in 2018. Having an experienced management team, it provides service in the field of welded and pressed metal parts production as an OEM sub-industry in the automotive sector. The basic understanding of ALCE Pres Metal regarding production is to provide fast, reliable and high quality solutions with a creative approach.

What are we doing?

ALCE manufactures cold formed (pressed) parts and assemblies of welded parts from the following automobile components.


Alce Pres

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Our Vision

To be an organization that meets the customers’ expectations with high quality at all levels by working with competent suppliers and by using advanced technology in cold metal forming sector, for automative industry. ALCE aims at continuous development, to serve the customers by means of dynamic, educated staff who constantly renews themselves with professional passion.
It is to see customer satisfaction as its primary task with a customer-oriented working approach, not product-oriented.

Our Mission

To be a reliable partner for both our customers and our suppliers while we produce having high competitiveness, in line with legal and ethical values towards nature and our employees, fulfilling social responsibilities towards society and our employees

Our Quality Policy

Alce Pres Metal, provides services in the automotive side industry and metal forming, with the policy adopted in accordance with the principles of Total Quality ;

  • To promote quality tools and ensure the participation of all employees in continuous improvement studies,
  • To increase competitiveness by transforming technology into new and developing world technology,
  • To accept our suppliers as solution partners and ensuring their continuous development,
  • To reduce part costs and increase profitability by improving all business processes and reducing nonconformity costs,
  • To aim at ensuring the satisfaction of all stakeholders.